Friday, November 23, 2012

On our way home, we drove past the Academy of Art University 79 New Montgomery building. WOW! The Christmas display just went up and there are a bunch of my old holiday illustration pieces blown up five times bigger than painted there to set the mood. It is a school give back to the community to help set the seasonal tone in San Francisco. I am honored that they wanted to use them and delighted to see them, again, and up large. No $ changed hands, nor any rights transfers, just a loan to celebrate the Christmas Holiday spirit. They look their best all lit up at night.

Friday, November 16, 2012

red chairs in Pasadena

Here is a quick plein air sketch done in Pasadena. I found that I had pastels in the trunk, how lucky, and had a couple hours (luckier, indeed) so I had to draw this.

long time to leaving home

Recently, this painting sold. I show it for two reasons. First, a friend over for dinner saw it and was transfixed by it, which is rare and delightful when it happens. It is particularly gratifying when one of your 'kids' goes to a home where it will be loved. Second, this was the view out of my studio window on Tenth Ave. in San Francisco, and done decades ago, back after I first ran into Sargent's paintings. I remember having to wait for the right time of year and then the time of day. Paint paint paint. That is Emma Kong reading in her backyard. Nice that she popped into the picture. I never expected it to sell, after the first few years, so patience and a fondness for the image enough to keep it on display unexpectedly paid off, both on a soul level and the checkbook.