Friday, December 30, 2011

babies for lunch

This charming baby stared at me long enough while I was awaiting my lunch at Water Street Bistro that I had to draw him.Need a TERRIFIC lunch in Sonoma County? Go there. the models are pretty darned cute, as well.

another Post cover

It is now real, another Saturday Evening Post cover. This one was a bit of a tooth puller in the making, and after he sees this, Mike might not talk to me again!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas to all!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The way of things

Every year, the Buddha sits, slowly cracking a bit more, and each Fall, the leaves fall around, briefly fierce in their color, blanketing the grey of the hillside before they slip back to soil, before the little Buddha itself finishes its journey back to earth.Some fast, some slow, we all walk the same path.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

View from our temporary pied-a-terre in San Francisco

Thursday, December 15, 2011

couple more oil sketches

Here are two more oil sketches, The lady in the pink blouse, Bilge (pronounced Biel-geh)
being a while back, and the black bustier number, Sarafina, being last Sunday. the artist relaxes by, uh, creating more art.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Here is a shout out to Victoria Davis and her start up Space Dog Books. December 15, their first ipad book, brilliantly illustrated by Matthew Cruikshank, goes live on the Apple app store. If you thought that Stevenson's tale was not able to be reinterpreted for today's readers, think again. The text is still the same gripping tale, but the interactive illustrations, done in Matthew's midcentury modern style, are a super enhancing delight. I will be downloading my copy on the 15th, and, you can even GIFT them for Christmas if you have young or old reader friends who love pirate stories.


Why is this man looking this way? You will have to wait for the February issue of the Saturday Evening post

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Acrylagoauche. Who knew. I have switched. I am a convert. What can I say? If you are not painting in Photoshop, and deadlines are short, this is great stuff. I have used gouache, and acrylic (BLECH!), over the years, in fact learned to paint in gouache. My favorite is still oils. That said, acrylagouache has all the virtues of acrylic, as in once dry it is impermeable. None of the YUCKY aspect of acrylic, i.e., looking like plastic. It dries matte. It has the same color range and pigment quality as gouache. It is mostly opaque. It is liftable for a while after it is put down. Mostly it is fast. Great fun.
For acrylics, I am now using the archival brand, it is actually WONDERFUL paint, for acrylic.


Merry Christmas. At the 79 New Montgomery space, you may see a selection of my Holiday Art. Serita Sangimino called and asked if we had any holiday imagery at Powell Street, where I teach, and I suggested she raid my studio as I have done a fair amount of Christmas art over the years. I expected one window with a cluster of old paintings, but to my surprise, they blew them up to five or six times size. WOW! Thanks to Serita, and to Elisa Stephens, the university president,and the Academy for giving something fun to the public, and a second chance for these illustrations to be seen.