Saturday, December 03, 2011

Acrylagoauche. Who knew. I have switched. I am a convert. What can I say? If you are not painting in Photoshop, and deadlines are short, this is great stuff. I have used gouache, and acrylic (BLECH!), over the years, in fact learned to paint in gouache. My favorite is still oils. That said, acrylagouache has all the virtues of acrylic, as in once dry it is impermeable. None of the YUCKY aspect of acrylic, i.e., looking like plastic. It dries matte. It has the same color range and pigment quality as gouache. It is mostly opaque. It is liftable for a while after it is put down. Mostly it is fast. Great fun.
For acrylics, I am now using the archival brand, it is actually WONDERFUL paint, for acrylic.



Blogger chuck pyle said...

Archival brand acrylics are pretty darned good, for acrylics, a superior film, less gloss, reworkable, so when not using acrylagouache, as in BIG images, this is great paint.

10:06 AM  
Blogger Kyle Rush said...

Hey Chuck, I knew you would love the acrylic gouache. Imagine if you never came into blick that day.

11:18 PM  

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