Sunday, June 14, 2009

Philip Nix, a dear friend, just retired from Sonoma Country Day School, the remarkable institution that he founded on a dream and a promise 26 years ago. Many children, ours included, and their parents, have been propelled forward by that promise. I was inspired by Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington to paint Philip as "Father to his Country - Day School" after seeing Stuart's rendition of our founding father that is on display in the Phoenix Art Museum. He was amused. It was good.


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Having suddenly forgotten how to link my blog, i am, instead, gonna recommend that you go to: if you want to see great design and drawing all at the same time.


Sketches in airports, or why America needs to diet...


Thursday, June 04, 2009

Here are a couple paintings in descending order. First day, it was really overcast and grey. WOW! Nearly rained. Great flat light. So quiet and green! First looks west to Laguna de Santa Rosa, the dry one. Second, in the afternoon when the sun peaked through. Craig Nelson complained that I made him look a bit too, ugh, round..... That was a really fast effort on a too smooth panel. A little loosey goosey as a result. Time to do a little studio clean up!

DeLoach Vineyards is west of Santa Rosa. One forgets how quickly one drives out of a city and into a thriving agricultural paradise. It is this way all over Sonoma County, and the transition is most acute west out of SR. DeLoach owned by a french wine conglomerate, JCB, is a beautiful, biodynamically farmed vineyard in the rolling hills and swales of the Russian River watershed. Beautiful vineyards and most delightfully generous hosts who plied us with excellent wine (their pinots are all quite distinct, one from the other, and delicious), food, and the presence of their attentive staff and very dynamic boss Jean Charles Boisset.
Jean Charles is in the white shirt. Susan Toland is addressing the group after lunch. Susan is the organizational whiz from the Academy who managed this whole event. Also seen are painters and sculptors all doing their thing.
Hats off and big thanks you to Susan, Jean Charles, Elisa, and all the staff at DeLoach.