Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ancient olive trees. The fun part was trying to capture the shimmer and texture of the leaf canopy of this ancient tree near the monastery in Corciano.

A quick painting of the 'Eta Beta' in Corciano, just around the corner from the piazza. Newspapers, cards, sporting news, etc. Got a great pop up card here. The cat showed as I was wrapping it up and graciously modeled just long enough.
Close up of the amazing grain rolls, about 5 feet in diameter that were in every field. Some were wrapped in plastic, others bound in wire or string. Textures were fun to get.

A very quick sketch at the gate of Montepulciano, even painted in some townies. Traffic all round and two solicitors hitting up everyone for donation and signatures to "fight the drugs". Oh sure.....

Oh, this was a beastly hot morning near Corciano. The building is an abandoned fattoria, which was just in front of a pig farming operation. The hot wind was blowing the right way, most of the time. Drenched in sweat by the time it was necessary to quit.

if one was ok, two was certainly better, painted while braced on a steep hillside of olive tree orchards. a little later in the day, early afternoon.

quick sketch done 'al aperto' just outside Cortona

here is a painting form the ramparts of Corciano, in Umbria. A hot morning

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Italy! Just stepped OFF the plane and will post a few images shortly. 4 weeks in Umbria teaching for the University, and an extra week in Rome. Stay tuned. Now I know that I SHOULD Facebook this, but hey, I am a little old school....