Sunday, February 08, 2009

Don Baumhefner, master winemaker, passed on to me the art of sabering one's champagne to remove the cork. It is so much more fun that untwisting the wire cage. Sabering is a time honored art, one not to be missed, nor taken lightly, and especially not done indoors unless a window is nearby. Don is in the beret; it is his incredible '99 cuvee, 100% petit meunier, being distributed after the successful savage slice. I am doing the saber rattling, and sober prattling, so as to dedicate the new studio. Video shot by Ray and Donny Salmon, my first post high school art teachers ('71), who was there with tiny Nikon camera in hand. Thank you Ray and Donny. Thank you to everyone there, it was a great event.


Suddenly, people showed up to celebrate the return of Chuck to his home and studio! Look! There's Lauren, Tina, Andrea and Sandra in the one shot. Food, drink, fun, and a celebration of the embargo anniversary all merged together.

Here are a few views of the new studio, not yet as messy as the old... Shots courtesy of Ray Salmon.

I am in and working... The new studio is really quite nice, and many thanks to my friends, Sandrah, Andrea and Kirkham, Keith and Terry, Tina, Clarke and Lauren, and Alex! Sopecial thanks to Mischa and peregrine Construction for their hard work and to recycletown for some cool doors