Saturday, August 25, 2012

We are back from the  Miss Malibu Pageant, where we rooted for our daughter, who won Miss Congeniality and People's Choice awards. She possesses a great heart and a wise head wrapped in a great, well, let's hope that we didn't embarrass her by being in the audience! More on the event as I draw my memories.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Shakespeare's 'King John', a play that I had not read or seen. Marin Shakespeare, a place that we much enjoy seeing live theater.  The play is a gripping, galloping tale of intrigue, politics, religion, betrayal and manipulation moving at a breakneck pace. Really worth seeing! Having come armed with my little sketchpad, a fountain pen, and close enough to see, here are some little action drawings. Nothing too complete as they were all moving.  GO SEE THE PLAY!I read somewhere that Reginald Marsh used to take his sketchpad to the theater and draw, blind, in his pocket, to record impressions. Can you imagine what the person sitting next to him must have thought with all that hand action going on in his pocket?
Saturday was great fun. Painting in the morning, Shakespeare in the evening. I made the CAC gathering held at China Camp State Park. Full of marvelous things to paint. Having selected a low eye level, I found that I had forgotten the adaptor plate to connect my kit to the tripod, and was thus forced to squat like this for three hours. When I finally tried to stand up, my legs rebelled, or rather, my knees rebelled and it took a great deal of effort to overcome.
Paul Kratter ran a great event; Plein Air Mag. brought free hats, coffee and bagels. It was a happy crowd. Aspirin and a glass of vino upon returning to the house. Happy Chuck.