Thursday, January 10, 2013

long ago and far away, it seems

I received an email thanking me for this painting. It was for Book of the Month Club magazine, painted before the internet era, an epic drama set in South Africa, 'The Power of One', which went on to be a mega hit.The publisher liked the BOMC cover art so much that they co-opted it for the hard cover version of the book. Boy was I happy about that! My parents are modeling, the white suit and blue dress, and my next door neighbor Zach, posed for the boy. My dad is gone and my mom just turned 80, and still models when I need someone of a 'certain age'. The owner of the painting received it from BOMC as recognition for managing the hit that they had on their hands. Nice. All that research! Western Costume shipping vintage everything. Trains, goats, train stations, that was such a gas. Just my strong cup of tea.