Friday, December 19, 2008

Good Bye Old Paint, so long to an old friend.... After twelve years , I am moving my studio. I am up to my armpits in moving boxes and am swamped till New year, but, will return to active blogging then. Photos of the move shortly. 


Blogger Tiya Pryor-Knell said...

I meant to ask if you decided on moving on Wednesday, but I forgot... My best hopes everything goes smoothly! It was a total blast when you brought in your value studies and prelims to class. I'm gonna miss having you as a teacher, for sure!

9:28 PM  
Blogger Ed Davenport said...

Aww, I feel that same way about throwing out old tubes of paint.
And I agree with Tiya, I loved seeing your studies and value plans.

Good luck moving your studio.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Chuck! Cool blog! Any word about my portfolio that you misplaced??... guess things like this happens a lot when one reaches your age, huh? haha I'm kidding!! sir. don't fail me, sir!

happy holidays!

11:32 PM  
Blogger Tora Stark said...

Having just moved myself, I know the hassle. Best of luck to you, boss!


6:48 PM  
Blogger Megan Wolfe said...

Good luck with the move, Chuck! :) Upgrading the studio is always a pain, but it's nice once everything is done and unpacked!

11:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, you're good. Nice paintings!

Paul Chadwick

2:09 PM  
Blogger Graham Ross said...

Where ya goin to :(

8:01 PM  
Blogger chuck pyle said...

back to the house. we renovated the garage and now my commute is feet, not miles

9:15 AM  
Blogger chuck pyle said...

Ed, no word yet, but we are looking. At my age, whatdya mean? hahahaha....

9:16 AM  
Blogger Jelter said...

haha, man, that's funny. you're such a cowboy, Chuck.

2:02 PM  
Blogger akt said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I'm sending this sketch to everyone i know

10:53 PM  
Blogger chuck pyle said...

be my guest!

10:10 PM  

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