Sunday, December 05, 2010

Bill the fungi expert supreme, and Meghan his expert wife, took us mushroom foraging in a secret spot.Then they fed us a gourmet al fresco meal at Hearts Desire Beach, which was empty save for our foursome. How can people ignore such beauty, even on a grey and drizzly day? Tromping through the piney woods, dodging the rain, the ticks, and the poison oak, we walked through beauty, mostly staring at the duff, looking for the 'hamburger buns' protruding through the pine needles. See that one? It's a bolete! Porcini time! Some were buns big enough to hold the whole cow. Quite a lot of work, and so late in the season, but so worth the effort. As we tramped on, we all marveled at the vivid colors and shapes of the OTHER mushrooms, most of whom were quietly seeking our death. Tina, whose sense of color and design is impeccable, was instantly transported by the deadly, but brightly colored delights. Oh look! A new table display.A mission happily fulfilled. I was focussed on the edible variety. Oh look! A full and happy tummy.
The hunter, having cornered and plucked his prey, returned to share and savor his bounty. It led to an odd thought. I contemplated the fate of the hunter gatherer; act stupidly and the lion eats you from without, with mushrooms, act stupidly, and the mushroom eats you from within. So many diverse ways to die! It serves to remind one of the need for vigilance, and education.



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